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As others have stated it all depends upon condition and what the revolver comes with as far as box, papers and etc. Another biggie is whether it is a three screw or four screw model. The four screw shows in the blue book valued at about $150.00 more valuable than the thee screw.

I have been criticized for using the blue book since some think it is a low ball piece of propaganda used only by pawn shops to shaft sellers. I don't know, but at 90% condition the blue book reflects $325 to $575 based upon # of screws. If I were you, I would research GunBroker for recent sell history if any similar ones have sold.

I am one to talk since I have been known to pay less and more than the blue book depending on how much I want it personally and how hard it is to find. I am not a dealer or a seller and only buy for myself.
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