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Bob Wright: I never get tired of seeing those beautiful case-hardened Rugers.

To the OP: I have a 5 1/2 inch SBH - I prefer the fluted cylinder and round trigger guard. I shoot mostly moderate loads (lead 250's at ~ 1100 FPS). It's very accurate, but even with the rear sight bottomed out, it hits a little high at 25 yds. I understand that's a common problem. Even though I would prefer wood or stag, I find that I shoot much better with Pachmayr grips so that's what I use. The trigger pull was pretty heavy, but was easily improved with a spring from Wolff's. It is a large, heavy gun so I think I would prefer one of the newer SBH's, or better yet, an original 3 screw. Even though it has the transfer bar, I carry it with 5 rounds...just because.
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