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3 gun match

Anyone can shoot a 3 gun match with fancy pistols and AR's, I shot last Sundays match with a Krag and USGI 1911.

Maybe not as fast, but it was as accurate as any out there. For the rifle phase, they had two little pop up targets about 35 yards away. You were suppose to fire six shots at each. No biggy, I can get 6 rounds in the Krag. My first round (220 gr bullets at 2000 fps) broke the target, Second round flipped the second target over. I looked up at the RO and he says keep shooting at what's left, so I rolled the target up the hill.

First picture is firing the Krag

Second is loading for the second target, this required loading one round in the chamber and dumping the next five in the hopper.

The next photo is firing the 1911 at the pistol targets.

The next stage required turning around and engaging two small balloons at close range. The RO told me if I could reach them I could use the Krag's bayonet to save a reload.
Stage II

Engaging balloons:

No time to remove the bayonet, making it shoot a bit low but not too bad.

Loading from the belt:

Hard act to follow, I think I'll shoot my next 3-gun match with a Mosin and Nagant revolver.
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