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Some of you must be joking.....

Y'all clean up after yourselves, right? Must be hard to do with expanding foam, TV's and such...... There are a number of places on the Mt Hood National Forest that are frequented by slob shooters that are completely trashed now. I won't shoot in those places because it would make me an accomplice as in guilt by association. They are now closing portions of the Forest to shooting that have been abused in this way. If you abuse YOUR rights, ALL OF US could lose ours. Don't shoot, "targets", that can't be cleaned up. Don't shoot glass bottles, TV's, containers of foam/pollutants, etc. Tin cans and water-filled plastic milk jugs are easy to pick up after and don't leave environmental contamination. When you are done, leave the place cleaner than you found it. I'm not asking you. I'm telling you.
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