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I use my scope to observe. If you get crosshairs on you, you deserved it because you were trespassing.

With respect...would you be able to live with yourself for shooting some kid(or adult for that matter ) that trespassed on your property?
God forbid that would ever happen but not only would you have to live with it but would most likely loose everything you own in legal expense's trying to stay out of jail.

Trust me when I tell ya, I fully understand the trespassing frustration thing to the fullest. I was 'scope' glassed by a trespassing slob hunter squirrel hunting with a .22 while I was perched in tree stand in a shag bark hickory , deer bow hunting , completely camo'd with squirrels running track all around me on my own property.

Glassing with scope is just baaaad mojo either on public land or private.

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