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Thanks to all that replied to my thread.

A little more history:

I did some reading and this particular pump seems to have a fine reputation for being very good (as some of you have already pointed out). The first gun club that I joined years ago only had a trap range. I started out using my Browning 16 gauge but the club had a policy of hulls hitting the ground were club property so I needed an alternative. I went to a fairly large gun store. The manager suggested the High Standard so I purchased this pump and shot it one season before going off to college. So the shotgun does have some rounds down the tube.

I was able to strip the gun down following a video that I found on Utube and gave the gun a good cleaning. I did not do anything with the trigger mechanism other than pull it out of the frame after removing the side pin. I then reassembled the shotgun and the cycling was fine, however, the gun still would not fire when pulling the trigger. I do not think it is a firing pin issue. That looked fine.

I will probably take it to my local gunsmith for evaluation.

I looked at the parts website provided and it does seem there are parts available although the aluminum trigger assembly is sold out.

Thanks again

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