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Versa carry is gimmicky garbage. It's not comfortable its not safe either.
I wouldn't go as far as to say that. Personally I think most holsters add far to much bulk and defeat the purpose of carrying a small concealable gun. For the past 2 years my method of carry has been sewing pockets inside my pants at around 4:00 on my hip to act as a hidden IWB pocket. The results is being able to carry IWB with zero bulk from a holster. Of course I only do this with DA or DA/SA pistols as I wouldn't feel comfortable doing this with a safe action pistol like a Glock. As long as you are wearing a belt the pistol stays put even if you are doing a handstand. The Versa carry seems like a pretty neat idea and I plan to try one out. As far as the safety concern with the Versa carry they now added a trigger guard if that is something you are concerned about.
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