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I had the Super Black Hawk for deer hunting. I was a bit put off at the fact that my gun had some degree of fussing and fiddling around to get the cylinder in place after removal. Didn't like the factory grip at all so I replaced it with a big fat rubber Hogue with finger grooves. A heckuva lot better hold after doing that. It did shoot very well. I later started to think it would serve another purpose as a HD gun. But then I began to re-think that and did sell off the Black and replaced it with the Super Red. I sort of like the idea of having a small scope on it during deer hunting season. And I prefer the swing out cylinder. I have no real beef with the Black. That little 3 1/2 inch Stout Bugger looks nice to me. Would not be surprised if I got one. Maybe serve well as a truck carry as well as a nice sidearm to have in the field or woods. Would look pretty good carrying it in the holster on a belt by the fire at camp.
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