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Indoors I just add ear plugs as well and have never been bothered by the noise. I am also in the beginning stages of hearing loss so I have been considering upgrading, but so far non of the range noise even indoors has been uncomfortable.
"With the beginning stages of hearing loss" you should have concluded that the issue is not being "...bothered by the noise...", but by becoming hearing challenged. When I was young, there was no awareness of the correlation between noise (gun fire) and hearing loss...only handgun competitors (off-hand mostly) wore them to maintain concentration while other competitors shot next to them. To make a long story short, now 70, I have to turn on sub-titles when I watch a DVD inasmuch as highest volume and earphones do not give the acuity to catch all the words.
When shooting, ear muffs and plugs...else you will eventually understand what I am talking about.
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