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Like ligionerbill said, nothing to discuss!
Treat every gun as a loaded gun!
Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction!
Little story,
My C O that I teach Firearms Safety with was glassing a group of hunters with his Binoc's and watch one of them pick up a rifle and look back at him. The party realized right away it was a Warden and put the rifle back down. When the Warden approached the group there was a apology, but when the warden opened the action on the rifle used he found it was a loaded rifle.
A citation was issued only problem was the judge ordered that a felon assault charge was in order. The Warden did plead the case of no intent to do harm and the person who I know well was fined and lost hunting privileges for 3 years.

I myself have never liked using Binoc's and do use a monocular but that still isn't as easy to use as a scope. I have for years thought about using a scope mounted on a short stock only, kind of like what we use to test a scope at the store counter. The only thing that keeps me from it is people may still think I am pointing a firearm at them and it could still fall into a brandishing definition where I could be turned in and then have to defend myself.
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