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The other makers didn't have to settle for millions of dollars on frivolous lawsuits. As I said, the New Model came about as a result of those lawsuits.

The Ruger single actions were based on the Colt but completely updated with new manufacturing techniques, materials and redesigned lockwork.

The only problem with the original .44 carbine is that it was too expensive to manufacture. It was milled from a solid steel billet. The new design was simply compatible with investment casting.

Bill Ruger's statements about magazine capacity have been taken out of context and used against him. Nobody bothers to learn the truth, just what they heard in the media soundbite. The truth is the gun industry was plagued with frivolous, government sponsored lawsuits. Bill tried to make a deal with Congress to stop the passage of sweeping bans and make a compromise on magazine capacity.

Funny how there is no shortage of regular folk who like to question the decisions of a self-made millionaire who began a company from nothing, which has turned a profit every year since its inception. Jealousy is a terrible thing.
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