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Ruger designed the New Model because they had been sued over negligent discharges by fools who did not know to load them with the hammer down on an empty chamber. Not because Ole Bill "couldn't leave well-enough alone".
In the early years with the exception of his .22 Auto, Bill produced close copies of existing designs (Ruger single actions, M77 Rifle). When he decided that he was a gun designer, came the butt ugly (his double actions), and the problematic (.44 Carbine, based on his own design). When he abandoned the .44 Carbine, and reintroduced a closer copy of the M1 Carbine but in .44 Magnum, the problems pretty much ended. Ruger should have stayed with copying other people's successful designs. Whoa! What did he (hes is dead, but his company lives on) just market?...a Ruger SC1911 and SC1911 Commander...copies of the classic 1911. Keep copying Bill (Ruger Company), it is what you do best.
As for the transfer bar, there were other manufacturers of Colt copies that did not redesign with a transfer bar. Just as Bill decided that we did not need any more than 10 rounds in a magazine, he decided to re-design his single actions..."could not leave well-enough alone". It was a choice.

Note: I am not a ruger hater...I will buy his SC1911's and wish the return of the three-screws...He (they) can keep their plastic, hideous junk.
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