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Winchester .22 pump.

Went into a pawn shop today. Fellow, potential customer, was holding what I thought was a Winchester 62A-- but I had just walked in from the bright sunshine. Got closer and the barrel was hex shaped - so I think Model 90. He turned it every which way and no model number appeared. On the top of the barrel just in front of the receiver was stamped .22 Long.
The 62A, a later rifle than the 90, and with a round barrel, handles short, long and long rifle interchangeably, even mixed in the magazine. I think I recall seeing some Model 90 chambered for short only.
The fellow bought it, at a great price in my opinion even though it was far from perfect condition. If he had not, I would have bought it.
So what is the probable model of that rifle? I do not remember seeing any .22 long ammo in the last 50 years and have seen only a few boxes in my (long) lifetime. I know that the casing is the same as the long rifle. Is the bullet that of the short? Overall length same as the long rifle or shorter?
Lots of questions.

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