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MY preference is to hunt with single shot rifles. However, since I had an accident out in the hill and trashed my right knee, just going hunting is a challenge. These days I hunt through an outfitter for elk and he forbids single shot rifles. I'm going to try and convince him to let me use one nest January when I do my hunt as on the hunts I've done with him so far, an antelope and two elk have all been one shot kills. I've done in a few deer with a handgun and even took one with a bow an arrow. They just didn't float my boat.
Probably my biggest challenge was glassing for coyotes and then doing a stalk. I even had a special rifle built up for that hut, a Ruger #1 action, Remington M7 barrel and a custom stock. A 3X El paso Weaver completed the package.. It was a lot of fun but the coyotes usually won that race. No matter as until I wrecked my knee, I was a pretty darn good stalker especially on deer.
I never have been too keen on muzzleloaders although I am certified to teach muzzleloader in the Hunter Ed program. I just hate cleaning the darn things.
My biggest hunting challenge though is drawting a tag, any tag. I've been here in AZ since 1979 and I've drawn 8 deer tags, 5 elk tags and zero tags for antelope and Bighorn Sheep. Since the knee got trashed haven't put in for the sheep tag.
I just turned 75 so there probably aren't too many hunts left for me so I hope I can get tags next year just so I can get out and hunt.
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