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I never though much of the in between calibers.

Years back a 45 before SD ammo became so effective (or equalized the effectiveness).

40 doesn't get you anything over a 9mm so when I got my modern semi it was in the 9mm caliber and formally I was all big bore (41 magnum, 44, 45 etc)

As I view them as tools, my take is more round allows you more latitude in options for just making noise, suppressing fire and still leave you plenty of rounds for actually attempting to hit someone (and variations of all those so not in any order other than whats dictated by the situation). If I think one shot into the floor is what will discourage someone I am happy to do that).

note though I am not a spare clip advocate for SD. Trying to deal with a situation in the night waking up is bad enough without trying to manage a spare clip that has a 99.9% change of not being needed.
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