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Old Stony,

I get very nice accuracy with the Rem 250 grainers. Out of my Ruger Hawkeye I average 1.25 inch groups. I've had even smaller groups when I'm really on my game at the bench. Didn't take a lot of tweaking with the rifle either. I think I just got lucky on that one as most Rugers I'm familiar with aren't that good without some work.

I figure I'm doing real well for a 35 Whelen, since it is primarily an elk shooter for timber and semi open country.

BTW.....for Whelen shooters...... The 200 grain Hornady Superformance factory load is the real deal. An honest chronographed 2875 from 22 in barrel with very low SD. Accuracy (in my experience) is outstanding. This baby makes the Whelen a 300 yd. round with ease.
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