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Re: Situational Awareness Success Stories

I was traveling on business in Nashville.
Stopped to get fuel around 8 am, was pumping gas and noticed a older model Camry with a female driver and a disheveled male in the shotgun seat.
They pulled up to the pump island about 20 ft away.
Male gets out of car and starts yelling to me to give him $5.00 ....I let him know that I didn't have cash only business cc.
He moves toward me, asking me "what I got in my pocket, to show him what I got"
I had my hand on my glock26 and had slid the remora holster free.... thinking, oh boy here we go.
I said you really don't want to know what is in my pocket so get back to your car.... he went back to car and drove away quickly.
I finished filling up and headed out.... checking my rear view until I was miles away.
Really watch my surroundings while pumping gas.
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