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A few years ago I was paddling my sea kayak on a Colorado Mtn lake in winter for a workout. Cold blustery day and lake and park 100% deserted when I left the pier. Coming back 40 min later a beat up old truck with a beat up SK boat on the trucks trailer parked on the lot near the pier. Upon beaching my kayak a disheveled and somewhat manic guy approaches me and starts talking about all kinds of strange things which are not related (I think this is called flight of ideas). One thing I remember is how he was going to start a water ski camp for little kids that would fly in from all over to stay with him.

Anyway he keeps trying to close the distance and even put a hand on my shoulder, and I keep trying to get out of the kayak, keep my paddle and retreat to my pickup 15 yards away with a H&K USP 45 in the door pocket. His eyes keep darting all over and even though I say look you need to keep back I dont know you, he keeps advancing.

Fortunately I make the truck before he gets to me. Grab the 45 and shove the cocked pistol in his face and say" You need to GTF outtta here NOW!!". Stops dead in his tracks, eyes stop darting and fix and dilate on the business end of the H&K. He mumbles something, backs up to his truck and hauls ass.

I am pretty shaken and takes a several minutes to gather my wits and load kayak. Spend maybe 15 minutes trying to find a park ranger (cell doesn't work on the lake) and relate the story. He says yeah the guy has been hanging out in the mostly deserted park for a few days and seemed a bit strange but had not caused any trouble. I could not remember the plate number but ranger had it and followed up with LEOs. Never heard any follow up. In retrospect scared me pretty good as he was pretty good size & definitely scary and a kayak paddle is not something I prefer for hand to hand.

From a SA standpoint I went from Light Yellow thru Orange to Red in just a few seconds. Assessment was this guy is speeding on meth, crazy or both!
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