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I'm an old guy, just starting to get into "the biz" as they say. I got my NRA Basic Pistol Instructor cert a couple years ago, assisted with a few classes with experienced instructors, and am just now starting my training company. I have no plans for full time income, starting the next Thunder Ranch or Gunsite type facility. I,m just looking at doing something I enjoy, maybe supplementing my income a little when I retire from my "real job", and passing on good information to new shooters. That's my niche, and I will never try to represent myself to my students as some kind of a tactical expert or seasoned warrior.
My background, I served with the Navy Seabees for four years, one year in Viet Nam. But as the primary role of the Seabees was to build stuff, we had very little trigger time on our M16s and our firearms training was dismal. So I don't count my time in a war zone as qualifications to teach firearms skills. I have owned guns since I was 12, shot, hunted, and competed my entire adult life. I have taught several people job skills in the course of my 35 years in Industrial Maintenance. I have 25 years in the volunteer fire service, many as a line officer, and 5 years as the Fire Chief. That gave me the chance to make several public presentations, assume the responsibility for the safety of several people at a time, and teach needed skills to firefighters and EMS providers. Most of all, it taught me to work under pressure and get a lot of people back from dangerous operations without incident. I have held a CCW permit for 15 years and have carried a defensive firearm daily wherever I could during that time. I have taken as much professional training as I can afford time and money for, and will continue to do so as long as my old limbs will hold me up. I do count that as qualifications to teach shooters.
I intend to teach new shooters basic safety, how guns work, and the mindset they need to adopt. I will teach new conceal carry permit holders basic safety and tactics, mindset, and gun handling skills. They don't need another wiz-bang variation of draw stroke, they need to understand the importance of getting the gun out of the holster, with a firm grip, without covering your support hand, and without prematurely pressing the trigger. They need to understand the importance of movement, cover, and knowing whats behind what they are shooting at. Most of all I will teach them to continue to seek training from more advanced trainers rather than ask them to pay me to teach them stuff they can see on You Tube. Not good for marketing my business, but I will sleep well at night.
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