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I don't go crazy over gun oil as I find one usually works just as good as the other, that is except Rem Oil. Rem Oil I still use for cleaning because even if any gets left behind it is still a lubricant, but it is not the best choice for lubrication. I did find Hoppe's Elite gun oil tends to stay the longest inbetween applications but it's damn pricey for gun oil. These day's though I have switched over to a moly based grease and use Brownell's Action Lube Plus. I use grease on the frame and slide rails as well as any other metal on metal contact points and have found it significantly reduces wear compared to just using oil. The grease also stays put and does not run or dry up like oil. I still use oil for the sear's and action since grease is just too messy for this application, I also use oil on the outside of the gun for corrosion resistance.
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