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Received the 930 JM Pro back from Mossberg/Maverick Arms on Thursday. These are the things that were listed on the invoice:
  • Gas Piston Assembly 935/930
    935 Pressure Ring
    930 Pressure Spring (blue)
    930 Shell Stop

The trigger group was also replaced, but not listed for some reason. It had some peening on the front of the casting.

The Shell Stop was definately bad, but I'm not quite sure why the other stuff had to be replaced. However, I'm not complaining.

I ran 30 full power slugs and 50 rounds of birdshot though it with 1 hitch. Slug #29 extracted and ejected, but slug #30 wasn't released from the mag tube. The remaining 30 rounds of birdshot cycled perfectly.

Finally, I'm Happy.
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