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Yeah I don't think I want to drill into the barrel if I don't have to.

Thanks for the info Bart. I was hoping to stay below $500 on an optic, and the ACOG might be awesome, but way more than I want to spend and I was looking for something that has better eye relief than an ACOG. Aimpoint is on my list of possibles, but I was hoping to start with a scope. I have been considering a Nikon M223. I have heard good things about it. Anyone know of big chain stores that carry a lot of scopes so I can check the clarity and such before I buy?

Also I realize this is probably a whole different can of worms, but why are the AR10's made out of what is considered inferior materials? For instance high price AR10 has 4140 barrel. High price AR15 has a 4150 barrel. Does it have something to do with the rounds they are firing? I would think the .308 would need the better steel more than the .223.

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