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I used a 6.5x50mm arisaka for my black bear. I used 140gr nosler accubonds. they didn't bond as expected. at 100 yards they barely travel 2000FPS and the bullet still split in half and took off in 90 degree angles upon entrance. I lucked out and one of the halves took out a lung and the other took out the liver. the bear barely made it 50 yards. luck aside I am not planning on using that combo again any time soon.

my backup is 100gr federal powershoks out of a 243. next year(as I filled my bear tag in the spring season) I will see about trying either 90gr speer deep curls or 100gr nosler partitions. I like the weight of the partitions but speer bullets have yet to let me down. noslers have been less than stellar in my experience.
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