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I like reloading ....but I like shooting more...( speed is not the goal / maximum accuracy is the goal ) !....

....but when I realized I could get a progressive machine, especially for handgun calibers, -- with a case feeder and a "powder check die" ---that gave me a higher volume ( 800 rounds an hour is easy ).....and a significant increase in safety by making sure the powder drop was within its goal ranges...I've long since left the single stage operations / for a Dillon 650 press for all of my metallic reloads.

I loaded about 25 boxes of .357 Mag on Sunday afternoon under 3 hours ( and that included case gageing every round as I boxed it up .....and a break and a snack...)...and then I went over to my local range with 3 guns and 4 boxes of .357 Mag ...and 4 boxes of 9mm - for some tactical practice and entertainment.

I like the added safety feature that the "powder check die" gives me - not that I rely on it exclusively....but its that little extra that makes me feel better. All day long my powder drops -when I measured them were right on the goal of 6.1 grains ..../ I rejected 2 rounds ...( both with small case cracks that opened up after I seated the bullets )...and set them aside to be pulled later.
modern progressive presses ...just make this part of the hobby better in my view ! You can get a higher quality cartridge ...and improve your safety at the same time - with a good press like a Dillon 650 or Hornaday my view.
I also loaded up about 20 boxes of 12ga ( clay target shells ) I can go out to the club on Tue for some Skeet and sporting clays...( it took me under an hour on a MEC 9000 HN press ) to get those 20 boxes done.
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