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Thanks man. That sounds like a pretty sweet setup you are running.

I could use some advice on rails as well. I really like the Troy alpha rails, but I saw something else that has peaked my interest.

It sounds like this would be much easier to install. My concern is the stability vs the Troy Alpha rail which from what my research has yielded it is a very high quality product and very solid.

How long does a rail need to be in order to fit a mid length gas system?
And can I put a 15" rail on a 16" barrel without causing problems?

Two more from Diamondhead I like that sound like they have more stable attachment foundations are these.

I don't know much about the mounting of these things. It seems like the first diamondhead would mount just like a hand-guard, but is this enough of a positive to choose it over the others?

Any thoughts on functionality, or fit and finish of one vs the other?

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