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Originally Posted by Tom Servo
There's a big difference between "I don't see the point" and "I don't think they should be legal."

Originally Posted by Tom Servo
I've only heard five or six of those guys in twenty years say they felt such things should be banned.
A sentiment I have heard more frequently from clays, bullseye, long range rifle, IDPA or hunting enthusiast is that the 2d Am. clearly protects the specific object of his enthusiasm, but not necessarily other shooting genres. Politically, that kind of balkanization is a problem for 2d Am advocates.

On the other hand, just making fun of people as people gets a laugh from people because we have all come across one type or another. A few years ago, I saw a list of the types one sees at the range. Descriptions included the fellow who shows up in camouflage with an AK with a bunch of things screwed to it, fires a thousand rounds in 20 minutes and leaves just after retrieving his perfectly unused target, and the elderly benchrest shooting who shoots once every ten minutes so his barrel doesn't overheat. People and their behaviors are funny, even at the range.

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