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I think it is substantially divisive if skeet shooters support semiautomatic rifle restrictions because "if you want to shoot a machine gun, you can join the Army"
You know, I have seen very little of that, and I deal with hundreds of gun people in a week. I've heard a few folks say, "why would someone want an AR-15?" The response is, "it's a low-recoil rifle with affordable ammo that makes a good home-defense and varmint gun." They nod their heads and say "OK, but it's not for me." I've only heard five or six of those guys in twenty years say they felt such things should be banned.

There's a big difference between "I don't see the point" and "I don't think they should be legal." It seems some gun folks are so oversensitive that they get the two utterances confused.

The idea of the gun-ban supporting Fudd is needlessly stereotypical and based on a much smaller subset of the gun culture than many seem to assume.
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