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On my Freedom Arms was dry fired less than 50 times...and the firing pin broke.../ in fact I don't think I'd fired more than 10 boxes thru the gun / and the pin broke when I had cartridges in it, and I was firing the gun, at the range.

The good side of this - with their new guns in the last 4 or 5 yrs - they have a removable bushing in them - that is easy to remove and replace the firing pin. ( and since I had to get a replacement from the factory / I ordered a 2nd one - just in case).
My gun holds 5 - large frame - but no, firing the gun on an already fired cyclinder should not bottom out the firing pin - or so the factory tells me. I probably have close to 100 boxes thru the gun since I broke the firing pin ( I rarely count my shots - and routinely fire a 6th time - as I'm practicing - and I have not broken a 2nd firing pin).
the Freedom Arms 4 3/4" ....

In my opinion - the firing pin design on the Freedom arms is certainly strong...and while they probably intended the design to make sure they did not get any light primer strikes - the way to prevent it from breaking, was to believe the manual when it said use snap it was my fault, not the design in my view. A Freedom Arms revolver - is a very strong gun. But the point is, not all center fire calibers can be dry fired without snap caps. If you are considering a single action revolver...the balance on this 4 3/4" is almost perfect ( although its heavy at 55 oz ) ....and its perfect in .357 mag...and would be good in .44 mag as well.../ it might be a little light in .454 Casull or .475 Linebaugh...where I'd want at least a 6" for the extra weight.

Some 4" and 6" revolvers...( all S&W ) ...

686 6" at upper left, blued gun is a model 27 6", a pair of model 66's in 4" at the upper right / a pair of model 19's ( Nickel) at lower right.

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