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At the range yesterday: I shot 232 rounds. Only the last 14 were jacketed. Came home and cleaned my 686 and there was no lead to be found.
Given, they were all light rounds. A lot of wad cutters (148g) and cowboy action type truncated cones (105g). So none of these rounds were prone to leading - but given enough rounds . . . you'd think there would be some leading. But if there was, the last 14 rounds cleared it.
Nevertheless, the question has become: Does shooting jacked after lead bullets remove the lead or iron it in and polish it so that it is undetected. I was suggested in an previous post that if you scrubbed that shiny bore with a bronze brush, it would roughen the lead enough to be seen as dullness.
Have you looked at it with a bore-scope? I would really like to know if jacketed removes or merely polishes the lead. If you would bronze-brush and look at the bore via bore-scope, we could put this issue to rest.
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