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I would think that if you are selling an SKS you would attract a high proportion of people on very modest budgets and who might just be starting in the hobby. That itself would not excuse the lapse of ordinary etiquette you note.

Originally Posted by Tom Servo
If this thread proves one thing, it's the fact that we can be our own worst enemies sometimes. We don't just let ourselves get factionalized: we actively do it to each other.
I think it is substantially divisive if skeet shooters support semiautomatic rifle restrictions because "if you want to shoot a machine gun, you can join the Army". It seems substantially divisive if rifle shooters characterize concealed handgun carriers as criminals or unbalanced people living a fantasy.

I do not believe it is particularly divisive to note that some peoples' consumer preferences are tied very closely to self image. You find this with cars, shoes, suits and firearms. I prefer .22lr, but have run into quite a few shooters who see the "tactical inferiority" of my preference as evidence of my own cognitive deficit.

I would not think of those people as my worst enemy. Maybe that means my enemies are worse than average.
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