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Wide Receiver had cooperation and coordination with Mexican authorities: RFID devices in walked guns; agents assigned to monitor both sides of the border; and tracking aircraft.
This is a popular political myth. Wide Receiver guns were found at crime scenes in Mexico.

According to the guy who sold most of the Wide Receiver guns:

Among these misconceptions being repeated: that no Wide Receiver guns “walked” to Mexico because they were all controlled deliveries; that no one was killed; that the Mexican government was fully informed; that RFID tracking devices were placed in all the guns; and that the program was shut down at the first sign of danger.


The first congressional priority should have been the the overhaul of the BATFE. It's not like the BATFE suddenly became a broken agency the day the current president came into office.

But with the goal of holding everyone accountable and ensuring cross-border gunwalking never happens again, those interested in the truth ought to welcome full investigations, including of corruption allegations happening in preceding administrations. Its’ not like ATF management suddenly reversed polarity and started misbehaving when Obama took office.

To that end, those insisting on expanding investigations to include Wide Receiver need to first account for the deliberate indifference the Oversight Committee showed to whistleblower allegations back when it was controlled by Democrats. Then they need to do the same thing Mike Vanderboegh and this correspondent did back when the Gunwalker ball got rolling: Get agency insiders in the know and capable of producing documented testimony to trust them, get politicians able to do something about it to open an investigation, and scream from the rooftops until someone in the mainstream press notices and picks up on it. And it would also be a good idea to talk to Detty.

The F&F investigation failed to resonate with the vast majority of US citizens, who were busy eking out a living and/or those who saw the investigation as an election year extravaganza when the investigators refused to investigate all the gun walking schemes or conduct a comprehensive reform the BATFE.

i read everything that came from Issa's committee, most of it several times. Believing that the political truth is usually somewhere in the middle, i also read the minority report.

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