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Got the word, waiting on Monday, How do you remove those parts (anti-rotating bearing, at the top of the press? The only ones I can get out are the index rod and white six-sided nylon bearing(?).
It's been a while, but if I remember correctly, (and I may not be), there is a retainer ring inside a groove there that holds that bearing in place. I think last time I removed mine, which was YEARS ago, I used the ram and a snug fitting piece of dowel rod siting on top of the ram and shoved it out. I don't rememebr having to sand down the dowel to get it to fit it was a piece of either 3/8 or 1/2" that I had laying around. .

Anyway like I said I THINK that is how I did it. I am not even close to mine right now, so cannot run out and look it over. Give me a day or two to get home and when I do I will look at it up close and personal. I think I even have a spare I can look at as well, that I picked up a while back but didn't put in yet.

If in looking at yours this looks right you might give it a try. If not while you have RCBS on the phone ask them about it. You might get someone there who actually knows. Like I said though it has been a few years, and I have tweaked on a lot of things since then. Heck it took me an hour to remember how to set the stupid powder measure back up after it being off for close to a year. Not so much set it up but get it set up so that everything worked right. I forgot to reverse the drum at first, then once I did I I couldn't get the lever to line up where I had it before. THen just when I was going to quit and just load on my little Lee press it all came together, just had to move the lever up to the other set of holes. Sometimes the simplest things are the worst. It was definately one of those sudo CRS moments

2nd ditch the old powder drop system. Its a over charge waiting to happen.
I have the Piggy Back two. That came with some whako jacko. Powder drop.
Powder bridging and unintended drops were common.
I updated to the case activated kit,

Are you referring to the powder drop that came on the piggy back 2 or the one that is on the 4x4, and are they similar?

I can honestly say that in plenty of years loading on my 4x4 I haven't had any issues I can contribute to the powder delivery system. I have had plenty where I didn't pull the pin and unhook the linkage when I got to the last round though. I usually am only loading revolver or pistol rounds on mine though and usually running ball type powders with a few flake types thrown in just because. I decided a long time ago that the taller cases were simply too much of a pain to work with under the deck of the 4x4, but that anything 454 sized and under worked just fine.

The only reason I was given mine in the first place was due to shooting and loading 3-400 rounds of 357 through 44 mag a week back when my wife and I first got together. Sure was a big step up from the old Wells single stage I had been using. She was the one who got it for me back then and I still have them both. Oh and in case she reads this, they have both gotting better with age.....
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