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Originally Posted by fragtagninja
What if the red dot was mounted on the other side. Meaning opposite of the ejection port. Would this still require rotating the rifle? Seems like it would be more in plain view this way.
It doesn't matter if its in plain view or not, if it's off to the side it's completely useless until you either move the rifle or move your head.

With a red dot sight your eye still needs to be behind it in order to see the dot. If you put the red dot sight sight anywhere but in the normal position on top of the rifle, you're going to have to move the rifle so your eye is behind the sight.

If you're a righty and you mount the sight on the left side of the rifle, it's going to be very awkward to tilt the rifle away from you to look through the sight. You want it mounted at a 45-degree angle on the right side if the rifle.
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