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Perhaps there is something to be said for the attraction one has to a particular gun, or group of guns, when they are new to the hobby, but I don't think there is much of a stereotype to be had for people that have been well established in shooting for a while. They may have made an uninformed first purchase, but after a while people figure out what they like.

For instance, I never thought I'd like the AR platform after using the m16/m4 as my service rifle for so long, but I decided to get one because they are extremely customizeable, and relatively easy to build. I love tinkering around with guns, so building it was almost as fun as shooting it for me.

I'm not sure about this whole "mall ninja" thing. Maybe I live in a cave, but I've not seen too many people like that. It also may be safe to say that certain people are drawn to a certain group of weapons, but that doesn't mean that other people who also have those weapons should be judged in the same manner.
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