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I'm back into reloading after a long time away. I started on a single stage RCBS back in the 70's and I loaded tens of thousands of rounds, one by one.

I'm now using a Dillon 550B (having loaded about 1000 rounds so far) without any issues BUT . . .

Today I took out some .40 S&W that I'd loaded. These rounds were loaded with 180 grain SNS LRN. CCI primers.

I had two "misfires". I was very unhappy (with myself).

After looking at the two misfires, I found what I think were two light primer strikes. I had two failure to fires out of the 100 "test" rounds I'd loaded.

First time I'd ever had a misfire - ever.

I checked the two rounds. The primers on both of them had slight dents on them.

I reloaded the rounds and they fired perfectly.

In retrospect, I think I didn't seat the primers deep enough in the primer pockets.

I blame myself for not seating the primers deep enough but I thought I'd "finger" checked the primers to make sure they were all seated.

No question - my error on the loading but I'm going to learn from my mistakes.

Of course, I've got some more .40 to shoot and I'm going to check the seated primers. If I found any that look "high" I'm going to mark them with a Sharpie and see if these "misfire".
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