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I have a Freedom Arms that was made about 18 months ago in .357 Mag ...and broke a firing pin ...because I dry fired it -- and their instructions said not to do it !! )....and I screwed up! If you dry fire a Freedom Arms -you need snap caps.
Sorry to hear about that.

So does that mean that if you are at the range and have a Dirty Harry moment, "did I shoot 5 or 6", you run the risk of damaging your gun if the answer is 6? If that is the case, that seems like a design disadvantage particularly if comparable competitive designs are robust to the occasional dry fire.

I have a 22 rifle that takes 18 in the tube. I always loose count. That gun as far as I know is still ok with the occasional dry fire which indicates it needs more ammo. But I definitely would not do it over and over though.
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