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Here we have Hungarian Partridge which are about the size of quail, they like grass edges and fence lines, in the fields,and wild as hell. They generally flush as a covey way ahead of you and you need to watch where they go . Once they are busted up they sit quite tight and can be had.
Then there is Sharptails which are the size of a pheasant. They will be found in the same cover as the Hungarian but when they flush they land in the middle of the field or pasture and are impossible to get a shot at, you won't get within 250 yards and they are gone again.
Then we have the Spruce Grouse which we call a "Fool Hen". They can be killed with a stick, and many times are caught by the dog. They are very similar to the Ruffed grouse we have, but don't taste as good.
"Old Ruff" is the best eating of any bird (IMHO) that there is. He's also the fastest and sneakiest of birds. In my 60 some years of hunting I have never shot my limit of 5.
My gun of choice is a 20 ga side by side with 8s or 9s. The pattern is dense so I get a lot of head shots and very few wounded runners. They are a real pleasure to hunt. Especially late in the season when there is plenty of snow. That is an awesome experience when they explode out of the snow. That has happened to me 3-4 times and everytime it rattled me so much that they got away. He's just a great bird.
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