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Being the camp Bull Cook & house keeper for a couple of weeks is enough challenge for me during deer season to break the monotony. But being the chief cook and coffee cup washer does have its perks. First deer shot goes to the cook of course as his reward. But I hate being given a fawn to bring home year after year. So by the second weekend the fawns gone. And big daddy here. Well he serves eviction notice on whom ever is sitting in his stand. {Actually being the camp Cook is a necessity for those others having dependence on my skills. As I am quite familiar with a kitchen stove and my abilities to keep us healthy and fed. No doubt no one can survive on Slim-Jims, chips & Coors for two weeks.} All in all its a fun time of year for me. Everyone goes home with a nice deer and happy memory's to think about through-out the following year until we can do it again. And that OP is the challenge and also my reward. If I were given one favor to ask. It would be "They gott'a give up their cheat'en ways when playing cards."_ Pinochle counts and figures are always off. And those extra begging's on the cribbage board are so blatant to those who are observant. No shame what-so-ever.

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