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Haven't been around the forums for a while, but I just checked the price of 24/47's today just for giggles. I got mine for $175 shipped to the door in 2009, numbers matching with cosmo in everything. The bore was nice and shiny with virtually no flaws. I looked today at JG sales and saw that they only have mismatched rifles. Price is 259, so it would take $285 or so to get it to the door. Glad I got mine when I did, it's probably worth nearly twice what I paid for it with numbers matching and a sample target (it's been fired, but not very much). Gun is a shooter. It'll hold 2.5moa all day long with the old surplus romanian steel cased loads, which aren't known for hair splitting accuracy. On occasion I get a really good group with this ammo, which tells me it is an ammo issue. Mine really likes the PRVI 198 grain hot (not really hot, more what the gun was designed for) loads, it'll hold 1.5 moa with that pretty consistently.

These are very nice rifles, or at least mine is. I picked mine up specifically for the price and the fact that build construction is pretty darn good. It's not made as well as an early K98, no, but it'll certainly shoot with one. I would recommend picking one up while you still can.
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