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Hello Low Friction
Nice Marlin. You may want to reconsider punching that gun out to accept and Fire the Federal .327 Magnum. The SAMI Pressure's between the two rounds is very different with the .32 H&R Magnum Cartridge being 21,000 and the Federal .327 Magnum Cartridge being 45,000 I am Not sure if that Marlin could take the drastic change in SAMI pressure. I would contact Marlin and ask them what Pressure that gun could handle before changing it's caliber. I do know that S&W Build's their gun's to withstand about Twice the SAMI pressure of the round that they are built for, But I have no idea if Marlin does that. Even is Marlin Built their Gun's to withstand double the SAMI pressure of the .32 H&R Magnum being say 42,00 you would still be approaching a disaster by shooting the Federal .327 Magnum cartridge in that rifle. That is why we see very few revolver's made to withstand the Higher Pressure of the Federal .327 Magnum Cartridge. Just something to think about here, & many are not aware of how high the SAMI Pressure is for the Federal .327 Magnum Cartridge. I hope this Helps, Hammer It
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