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Got something wrong on the auto index. As the ram goes up, the index rod carries with it the nylon/plastic nut at the top of the rod. If I hold it down with a screwdriver it indexes half way, repeat and it is correctly indexed. It looks like the nylon nut on top does not fit into the metal receptacle (fixed holding device/wrench whatever) on the top of the press. Do not have the powder drop tubes so the linkage is on hold for the moment.
In the center of the top portion of the press is an anti rotating bearing. This allows the rod to turn one direction but stops it from going the other. This is where the nylon does it's work. It is supposed to ride the twist in the rod and rotate it back the other direction. This is one of the parts I have worn out several of and why I suggested gong ahead and picking a couple up. You might as well get the whole mess including the rod if possible, and start off fresh.

While your on the phone with them let them know you need that powder measure drop tube as well. Don't forget to mention the two drop in funnels as well. These drop in from the top, one small and one large for different sized cases. Also throw in you need to get the small lever for you Uniflow that attaches to this press. You will need to remove the barrel from your measure and turn it around then reinstall it for it to work properly on top of the press. Once done this way put the small attachment bar in the top and middle holes so that it will align better with the rising activation rod. When your done, the adjustment screw on the measure should be facing the front of the press, stem down, lever attached to the top and middle holes in the drum.

Hope this helps.
Mike / TX
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