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Originally Posted by fragtagninja
I find this super cool, and really want to know how you would go about this. I was also hoping someone here has done this and could fill me in on how it works. Does it need to be at an angle or could you just slam an eo tech or aimpoint on the side rail? How much would this sort of thing effect sighting and accuracy? Just so ridiculous I can't resist it. Gonna have to budget it in.
The idea of 45-degree offset iron sights or red-dots is to have a set of backup sights when using a magnifying optic. They allow you to quickly and seamlessly engage close-range targets while still using a magnifying optic as a primary sighting system.

Normal flip-up sights don't work through magnifying optics, and mounting a small red-dot on top of the optic really sucks - it forces you to raise your head up and find the red dot because you just lost your cheek weld. Instead, you tilt the top of the rifle towards you 45 degrees, keeping the same cheek weld and therefore finding the offset sights faster and keeping more steady while you shoot.

On most set-ups, tilting the rifle 45 degrees towards you feels natural and maintains proper cheek weld to the stock. On the other hand, mounting a red dot on the side rail would force you to tilt the rifle much farther than is practical.
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