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I really don't consider myself anyone's own worst enemy. As I've said before, I don't care what kind of gun or how many guns anyone owns. I believe that should be a decision a person makes for themselves and I'll do what I can to help you retain the right to do so. I was just curious if anyone thought certain types of guns were a draw to certain types of people. I guess it's because I worked around a certain criminal element for 20 years and kind of got used to what was liked and disliked amongst them.

I've got a friend that had to have a Desert Eagle .50 some time back. That purchase for him didn't surprise me. What would surprise me is if he would pick up an old model 10 revolver. He is a guy that was always right on the edge. For him it was always go big or go home. Sometimes that left him right on the edge of the law in certain ways without ever crossing over to the dark side. I'm the opposite of that and would probably never own a DE (and I'm not saying that DEs only draw people that are like that). I always thought the draw of that gun to him was the outrageous-ness of it. It didn't make me not want to be his friend, though.

It's just after a half a dozen times of listing this gun with the same results has me puzzled. It's not overpriced, nor is the ammo, so, it just had me wondering what the deal was. No big conspiracy.

I sold a S&W 442 today that I listed on Armslist. Great experience. No hateful emails and no name calling.
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