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RCBS auto 4x4 press setup

Wow. Thank you so much. Don't know what was wrong. Maybe just seeing/hearing that that was the way things go made a difference. Backed up, cleaned everything that looked like it might be a part of it, and tried again. Shell plate went on slick as a whistle. Indexes correctly when turned manually. Will prime case.

Got something wrong on the auto index. As the ram goes up, the index rod carries with it the nylon/plastic nut at the top of the rod. If I hold it down with a screwdriver it indexes half way, repeat and it is correctly indexed. It looks like the nylon nut on top does not fit into the metal receptacle (fixed holding device/wrench whatever) on the top of the press. Do not have the powder drop tubes so the linkage is on hold for the moment. Can't figure out how to use the powder measure manually without those drop tubes. Looks like it will wait until I find another piece or two. Guess it would be possible to take out the case retaining button, extract the case, manually drop powder (with the measure attached in a similar fashion to the way it is put on a single stage press to have it handy), re-insert the case and continue. It would work but setting the bullet on the one case then dropping powder in the next sure makes it look clumsy.

Any other ideas while I wait 'til Monday to call RCBS and then wait on delivery?

Again, thanks for the help in getting started. I still think it will do what I want.
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