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Very nice rifles sir.

I saw something the other day, and I cannot seem to find the info I want online about it. It was an AR15 with a scope mounted on the top rail and a holographic scope appeared to be mounted on one of the side rails though it appeared to be at an upward angle (possibly 45 degrees) so as to make it easier to see I assume.

I find this super cool, and really want to know how you would go about this. I was also hoping someone here has done this and could fill me in on how it works. Does it need to be at an angle or could you just slam an eo tech or aimpoint on the side rail? How much would this sort of thing effect sighting and accuracy? Just so ridiculous I can't resist it. Gonna have to budget it in.

Okay not the one I was talking about, but I found this. Way more stuff than I am interested in, but it shows a ton of options. What would be the best method here? I had no idea this stuff existed.

Thanks for any help in advance guys.

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