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Good luck

I have a SA M1A that I spent a fortune on 4 different mounts and loads trying to get one to work and not have the rifle stove pipe brass. New ejector button spring too!!!! I read a lot of article from different forums.

SADLAK responded to my concerns that it was due to not having proper grease in needed points of stress within my action to assist in cycling. My weapons are always cleaned and oiled. SADLAK suggested axle grease. Hum???? I tried it. That only marginally helped, if at all!

Noticing all the brass dings under scope mount, I gambled that brass was bouncing around in the area between mag and under mount. I sacrificed an Brookfield clone, (think Promag) and machined a cut out area to see if this helped. It did. However, in the process I had weakened the mount. So, I went to work on second Promag. This time , I cut less and made it stronger in certain places and I provided angled back cut so that ejected brass is supposed to be deflected. I have a customer made gas plug which allows me to adjust pressure to a degree and, according to designed, Clint Fowler, will tweak accuracy.

My most accurate rnd is 43 grains H4895 pushing 150 SMK, but brass will stove pipe every once in a while. Going to 45 grains effect accuracy just a tad but completely eliminates stove piping... If you plan on installing a mount on a scout, I suspect that mount will be forward of receiver and you will not have to worry about this crap. ????

Also, I fabricated mount out of SA mounts parts which was extremely high off barrel axis. This didn't stove pip because the height allowed brass to exit without restrictions. But, then I couldn't use iron sights. I feel your pain.
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