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M1A Scope mount

Okay, my latest project is a Springfield M1A Scout

I have just started putting together everything for it...I will be getting it all "dipped" in the ATACS AU camo when I have it all....

So far I have purchased:
1) Trijicon Accupoint 20-2G Scope
2) Trijicon TR125 quick release mount

I'll be also buying:
- Karsten model C cheek riser
- Atlas Bipod BT10-LW17

Now where I'm stuck is the M1A mount for the scope...Bassett, Arms18, Promag, Trijicon TA70, etc...etc...

Recommendations ??? This is where I'm stuck, which mount? The prices very greatly.... And I'll be honest I do want it to look good as well as keep its zero and clear the rounds... Trijicon was my 1st choice until I saw the price (although still not off the table)...The others I keep seeing reviews swing both ways... The iron sights are not an issue, as I will add a Trijicon RMR later on (I think)

Thanks for the help!
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