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I didn't see it in the flesh, but I have seen big cat prints around Akron Ohio. Last fall I saw the prints while rabbit hunting. The print was as big as the palm of my hand. My sis in law works for the parks and when she said that to the rangers, they said there are mountain lions in the parks eating deer. There are so many deer here, they could eat a 1000 and never notice it. What will be interesting is what will occur when the park districts start really thinning the deer out this fall. They intend to reduce the numbers by at least 50 %

20 years ago there was a BIG cat wandering the neighborhood. The footprints were around the house, around the pasture by our horses and the horses kept looking into the woods. A few years later my son found lots of bone piles in the woods behind our house (deer). The PD caught a picture of "something" big running across the road one night.

We are also having beer wander in from Pa. Ohio is pretty heavily populated and it is different for them to come here. Not odd, just different.

I was also told by a retired LEO that there was a pack of hybrid wolf dogs running the area.
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