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Hi again everyone,

Let me apologize again for another lengthy post, but I went to the gun shop today, and after putting several handguns in my hand, I made my decision.

I went in and asked to see a Browning Buckmark. The knowledgeable salesman gave me a Buckmark Camper UFX Stainless. When I put it in my hand, the grip felt too big for my medium sized hands. I couldn't engage the magazine release with my thumb. As they didn't have a .22LR snap-cap available, I couldn't try the trigger. I have to say it felt like a quality sidearm, though. They didn't have the all black Buckmark, which would have been my choice.

Next, he pulled out the Ruger 22/45, and I decided I rather the Buckmark almost immediately. I didn't spend much time with the Ruger, as I preferred the cheaper Buckmark.

He then pulled out the Smith & Wesson 686, with the 4" barrel, and I have to say it felt great in hand. It felt like a premium revolver, and I could easily reach the cylinder release latch using my thumb, which is a nice plus.

At this point, the salesman was pressuring me to put aside the 617 .22LR revolver and instead opt for this .357 magnum. Without making this thread longer than it already is, in a nutshell, his opinion was that I would get tired of the .22LR quickly. I nodded my head. It wasn't worth the argument, especially since the Buckmark I really wanted was unfortunately out of stock.

I asked to see the CZ-75 SP-01 SHADOW they had in stock, he said "yes, good choice".

Wow. Perfect fit, what more can I say. The CZ-75 had a nice weight to it. The single action trigger was nice and light, and the double action was heavy but smooth and manageable, it will take a bit of practice. My hand fit around the grip wonderfully, and my thumb could action the slide lock and the safety with ease. The red fiber optic front sight really did it for me, too. I was pleasantly surprised: I had done my homework, and read a lot and watched a lot of videos on many handguns, including the CZ-75s (originally, I had wanted a Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle 9mm, which is based on the CZ-75) and I grew to appreciate them. I was happy it fit so well, and I know the SHADOW line is relatively rare, but before pulling my wallet out, I absolutely wanted to try the Sig Sauer P226.

The salesman took it out for me, saying "I can't blame you for wanting to try it, it's a great handgun, but we have similar hands, you and I, and the Sig P226 will be too big". Annoyingly, he was right, as I couldn't even action the decocker, let alone the magazine release or the slide lock. However, I understood why everyone was in love with this pistol. Man, is it nice, though.

He insisted I try a 1911 before making my choice, though. He brought out a PARA Ordnance 1911 Expert Stainless. When I tried it, it was only slightly too big for my (seemingly smaller and smaller) hands. Nevertheless, I liked it. The SA trigger (this firearm was SA only) was extremely light, and the pistol was pretty heavy, too. Had I not tried the CZ-75, I think I would have appreciated this one a bit more, but not enough to go ahead and buy it.

So, my choice was made. Today, I treated myself to a CZ-75 SP-01 SHADOW, and with a couple of months before I could even take it out of the store, I'll have to keep looking for a full black Buckmark, such as a Browning Buckmark Contour 5.5 URX.

You guys have been an awesome help. I hope to get myself some experience and one day be an active member in these forums. Also, honorable mention to JimmyR for suggesting a CZ-75
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