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RCBS Auto 4x4 press setup

I need some help setting up this press. It has previously had the index rod removed and apparently been used as a single stage press since the shell plate could not be moved. The press has been out in West Texas and had reasonable care so there wasn't a lot of clean-up required. Using what appears to be a photo copy of original RCBS instructions is hampered by the very grainy pictures and the terse text of the instructions. The ram shoulder bolt screws in nicely without the shell plate in place. With the index spring and ball in place it is another story. Holding the shellplate fully down to compress index spring and put ball below the level of the shell holder, it is possible to turn it in part way with fingers but sticks and needs an allen wrench assist. The problem is that there does not seem to be a place where the shell plate will turn with the index spring and ball in place. What would be the correct procedure for this installation.

The index rod was bent (probably less than ten degrees) but I managed to straighten it out to a degree or two. Afraid to mess with it too much for fear of breaking it. A tiny bit of filing and some steel wool has removed all burs on the surface. Does the rod have to be absolutely straight? That would probably mean a new one.

The priming system appears to be full functional.

What is not really clear is what the linkage to the powder measure is. The index rod does have the flat shell plate driver and the connector at the other end. There is another rod that may be the link to the powder measure. I have the Uniflow powder measure that I bought in '66. Looks like it should work since it isn't that much older than the press. Could that be correct?

I have been using the Lee Pro 1000 for handgun loading and a single stage RCBS for rifles. This press was available with shell plates for everything I load so it didn't seem unreasonable to try a turret press for the rifle cartridges or maybe I just got lazy. Everything else still works but I really would like to get this thing running. It could be updated with something else 40 or 50 years newer but then it would seem like a production operation rather than a hobby.

Anybody out there got the spare time to help me.
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